Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do to register as a business customer or if I would like to find out more about Sami Swoi Premium?

Please contact us on 0208 819 63 69 (ext 1)

or email us on b2b@1mm.eu.

We will prepare an individual offer for your business.

How long it takes to open business account with Sami Swoi Premium?

We will open your account as soon as our legal department confirms the validity of your application.

Are there any fees for account setup and management?

There are no fees for account setup and management.

Is my personal data secure and safely stored?

Yes, Sami Swoi Premium manages data in accordance with data security regulations and holds the highest standard of personal data protection policy.

Are there any monthly minimum transfer volumes?

No, you can use your Sami Swoi Premium account whenever you need.

What transfer types are being offered by Sami Swoi Premium?

Full list of transfer is available on the page “Services”.

Do you offer fixed transfer fees?

Yes, all fees are fixed, regardless of the amount transferred.

Can I negotiate transfer fees?

Yes, you can negotiate fees with your dedicated Sami Swoi Premium consultant.

Can I negotiate exchange rates?

Yes, in case of transferring over £10,000 you can negotiate the exchange rates.

Are there any limits for single transaction?

Sami Swoi Premium clients can transfer high amounts, depending on the transfer type.

  • Transfer Standard / Express+ to bank account – no limit
  • Transfer LIVE 10 min to bank account – depending on the max limit of a recipient’s bank

(Example: Client would like to transfer 100.000 PLN to the Polish bank, where single transaction limit is 50.000 PLN, in this case client needs to make two transfers, 50.000 PLN each to transfer 100.000 PLN in total.)

Every bank in Poland has different max limit for Transfer LIVE.

  • Transfer Giro to Post Office – single transaction limit 24.000 PLN.
  • GBP, USD, CHF, EUR – no limit

To which countries funds can be transferred with Sami Swoi Premium?

Since 2004 Sami Swoi Premium specializes in money transfers from the United Kingdom to Poland, and also from Poland to the United Kingdom.

How fast I can send money to Polish bank account?

The fastest option is Transfer Live. Funds will be available on the recipient’s bank account in 10 minutes*.

(*transfer is available 24/7, times of receiving fast transactions are dependable on recipients bank’s technical break.)

Can I transfer money to bank account during the weekend?

With Sami Swoi Premium you can transfer 24/7

10 minutes fast Transfer Live is also available on Saturday and Sunday*.

(* depending on the recipient’s bank)

Are the transactions secure?

Sami Swoi Premium operates in the UK since 2004.

The company is fully authorized by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) REGISTRATION NO. 900150 and operates in accordance with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) MONEY LAUNDERING REGULATIONS NUMBER: 12202741.

In 2014 Sami Swoi Premium became a member of Electronic Money Association (EMA).

How to login to the transaction platform?

The platform can be accessed at this link: https://b2b.samiswoi-omm.co.uk/

Login details are sent on the day of registration in form of the welcome email to the designated mail address.

How can I update my account details?

Any changes to the name, address, company or its owners will be made by your dedicated consultant, based on the provided documentation.

What payment forms are accepted?

VISA Debit/ Electron or bank transfer.

How to transfer money with Sami Swoi Premium platform?

The platform can be accessed at this link: https://b2b.samiswoi-omm.co.uk/

Our Business Platform operates on the principles of electronic banking.

Your dedicated consultant is available at 0208 819 6369. Always happy to help and answer any questions.

How do I pay in the funds to use the Business Platform?

To transfer money to Poland first you need to pay in the funds you wish to transfer.

You can pay in via:

  • VISA Debit/ Electron- by clicking on: “CREDIT YOUR ACCOUNT”
  • Bank Transfer (please type in your business client number B**** & BARCLAYS CODE in transaction description)

After making the payment funds will be automatically available to use in the Business Platform.

You will see the funds in right top corner  „ACCOUNT BALANCE”.

How can I add new recipient or edit an existing recipient's details?

  • To add a new recipient you must first select a transfer type. Then add  recipient’s details. New recipient details are automatically saved for further transfer.
  • To edit recipient’s details go to the Business Platform main page and click on  “beneficiary BOOK”, located in the top right corner. Select the recipient from the list and click “EDIT”.
  • To remove the recipient from the list, click “DELETE”.

Is it possible to print a confirmation of the transaction?

Yes, transactions history is accessible on the main page of the Business Platform. At any time customer you can view the transactions made earlier. Option to print a confirmation is only available for few hours after transfer completion. The document cannot be downloaded or printed later.

Can I get the list of transactions for the given period?

Please contact us on 0208 819 6369 ext 1, or by email: b2b@1mm.eu.

Can I cancel a transaction?

Yes, you can transfer Standard transactions on the same day by clicking “DELETE” button, next to the transaction details.

Transfer LIVE cannot be canceled.

I locked my account. What should I do?

Please contact us on 208 819 6369 ext 1 in order to reset your password.